Working Together

Newcastle Family and Sports Podiatry 12

Listening to you

Listening to you is a vital first step to giving you the best treatment.
Whether you have a niggling or painful condition, or are referred to us by another medical or sports specialist, or require treatment for a genetic disease or disorder, you’ll immediately notice a different attitude – because we are always ready to listen and help you.

Expert examination

To ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment, our professional team undergoes continuous training in the latest podiatric practices. From the first examination onwards, you’ll benefit from a deep and genuine knowledge.
And to make sure every aspect of your treatment is covered, we consult as appropriate with leading medical professionals including GPs, Diabetic Specialists, Rheumatologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Paediatricians, Remedial Massage Therapists and Personal Trainers.

Treatment to the highest standards

You will be looked after by leading specialists and experienced practitioners across a wide variety of podiatric treatments, including:

  • Podopaediatrics - the management of babies' & children's foot and lower limb related problems
  • Biomechanical assessment - the alignment of your foot and leg
  • Gait analysis - analysing the way you walk, run or cycle
  • Prescription orthotic therapy - in-shoe devices to improve foot alignment. The orthoses are fabricated in a highly specialised and technical orthotic laboratory to strict guidelines and prescription, carefully overseen by your podiatrist
  • General podiatry treatment
  • Diabetes assessment and other at risk conditions relating to poor foot health complications
  • Workers’ compensation & legal assessments for injuries
  • Podiatric nail surgery - resolving ingrown nail problems permanently
  • Footwear advice

Regular reviews for optimum healthiness

Your long term health is our first concern. So, if suitable for you, we will recommend regular check-up sessions. This helps either prevent re-occurrence or, if your condition is longer term, allows us to maintain your health so you can enjoy the best lifestyle.

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