Foot facts & FAQs

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Do women suffer more foot problems than men?

No. Although more women visit a podiatrist, men have just as many foot problems. Men are increasingly recognising that problems with their feet, can be treated and more are visiting a podiatrist to help achieve a better quality of life and work.

Sports people feet also finding attention to feet can prolong their playing life with less injury.

How far will I walk during my lifetime?

You may be astonished to know your feet will walk about 120,000km during your lifetime. On an average working day alone your feet can travel up to 24km, while absorbing up to three times your body weight.

As you'll only ever have one pair of feet it makes sense to look after them and to talk to your podiatrist if you experience any problems.

What can I do to promote a healthy lifestyle?

Generally, people who look after themselves live longer and enjoy better overall health. The key to this is keeping physically and mentally active, eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight.

Keeping active relates directly to how well you can participate in physical exercise. Fitness can be achieved with regular activities like walking. It doesn't require strenuous effort, however if your feet are starting to cause problems, it's time to consult a podiatrist.

What is podiatry?

Podiatry is the profession that deals with conditions affecting the human foot. As a member of a health team, our podiatrists are educated to diagnose and treat a wide range of foot, ankle, knee, hip, back and leg conditions.

Podiatry is a registered and regulated health profession. Health funds provide cover for some podiatry services on their ancillary tables. Entitled veterans are covered for podiatry through the Department of Veteran Affairs.

When should you bring your Children?

Children’s feet and legs - like the rest of their bodies - should reach certain milestones as they grow. In-toed gait, tripping and falling, hip conditions or serious childhood conditions can be caught early with assessment.

Remember, just like you have your children’s teeth checked, it’s never too early to assess their feet and legs.

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