How we care for you

Newcastle Family and Sports Podiatry 18

From the moment you get in touch, our care begins. You’ll find answers to your questions. And, if you come to see us, we’ll make sure you know to bring any referrals or x-rays, so we can progress your treatment as soon as possible.

At every stage, we’ll tell you what to expect - what examinations your podiatrist might need to do and what it costs. We always aim to give you a more holistic approach - in case there are other aspects to your treatment.

Our Patient Pack helps us deliver the services you need. So, for instance, when you have an appointment, we can send you reminders by SMS.

If your treatment includes fitting orthotics devices, we’ll contact you after the first week to make sure everything is progressing well. If you have been referred to us, we keep your referrers informed about treatment.

You can call the practice during office hours for further information. And we’ll return your call after hours if needed.

We’ll arrange access to stores that can help you - such as hiking stores to fit orthotics into hiking boots, ski outlets for ski boots, running stores for running shoes etc.

You’ll also receive our quarterly newsletter with great tips on foot care and keeping healthy, news about foot health and the latest about the practice.

email us - 51 Denison St, Hamilton East - 02 4961 4411