Orthotic therapy

Newcastle Family and Sports Podiatry 10

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are shoe inserts designed to support, aligns, improve the function of the foot. It is important they are customised to suit you – from soft to firm.

Who wears orthotics?

People of all ages with a variety of foot or lower leg problems wear orthotics.
People are often prescribed orthotics by their podiatrist to help maximise their performance as well as address bio-mechanical problems.

When are orthotics used?

Your podiatrist may prescribe orthotics for your particular foot problem after a comprehensive assessment of your biomechanics, footwear, occupation and lifestyle.

Orthotics help with rehabilitation of acute and chronic foot, lower leg, hip and back conditions including  tendonitis, recurrent ankle sprains and stress fractures by providing consistent postural control.

Orthotics provide valuable long-term solutions in the treatment and prevention of corns, callous and ulceration by redistributing the pressure of the body’s weight on the feet.

High standard of treatment at Newcastle Podiatry:

  • A full clinical assessment of your lower limb biomechanics
  • Custom made orthoses tailored to individual needs
  • Advice regarding exercise, footwear and rehab where relevant
  • Comprehensive follow-ups
  • No “off the shelf orthotics”
  • Fine-tuning or correction of any problems experience when wearing orthoses
  • Thorough follow up
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