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Eon Digital Labs - Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Your orthotics are designed to assist you in resolving pain and play a preventative role in your activity and sports.  When your prescribed orthotics it is important that they maintain their support and control to optimise your lower limb function and keep you pain free.

As orthotics are worn most days and sometimes constantly, the wear and tear on them over a 12 month period can be excessive.  This may cause the orthotic to lose some control and not be doing what it is prescribed to do.

Function of your lower limb and foot can change rapidly, irrespective of age.  When this occurs your orthotics can sometimes not be doing all they need to do to keep you symptom free.

Assessing your needs on a yearly basis is a minimum to ensuring good lower limb and foot health and orthotic reviews may include, correcting any angles that may have changed with wear, discussing exercise goals and future injury prevention.  This ensures your orthotics minimise injuries and continue to play their preventative role.

If you're over your 12 month review time, phone our reception staff to arrange an appointment for you on 4961 4411.  This will get you back on track and with your orthotics working the best for you.

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