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Appointment Keeping and SMS Reminders

Newcastle Podiatry - Thursday, September 11, 2014

From the Front Desk….

Our patients time is extremely important to us here at Newcastle Family and Sports Podiatry therefore it is important for everyone to try and get to their appointment on time and to check in with us here at the front desk as soon as you arrive. This not only maximises the time you get to spend with your podiatrist, but also that of all our patients for the day.

If you are going to be running late, due to traffic delays etc. please just give us a quick call so we can advise your podiatrist and manage your appointment time accordingly.

We also realise that life does get busy. Between juggling work, family and all of our other daily commitments, we can sometimes forget an appointment that may have been booked months ago. That’s why we like to send out a sms reminder to remind you of your appointment day and time.

This will be sent out to you two days before your appointment, ensuring you have enough time to either confirm that you will be attending or to reschedule to another time. As you can imagine when a patient fails to arrive or reschedule an appointment without adequate notice then we can no longer offer that time to anyone else who may need it.

If you have a mobile number and are not currently receiving a sms from us then please speak to one of our Front Office staff so we can update your records.

Don’t worry though if you don’t have a mobile as we can still call you personally on your home or work number to confirm.

email us - 51 Denison St, Hamilton East - 02 4961 4411