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Treatment of Hard Corns

Newcastle Podiatry - Thursday, September 11, 2014

Treatment of Hard Corns (Heloma Durum)

Treatment of Hard Corns (Heloma Durum)Hard corns can occur anywhere on the feet; usually over areas that have an underlying bony prominence. Hard corns on the little toes, on the outside, are almost always caused by footwear pressure. The shoes may be too tight, stiff or the style may not suit the shape of the foot. Sometimes seams in socks or stockings may also aggravate the development of corns.

Corns are a response by the body to friction and pressure they differ from a callous in that they have a central focus of pressure. As a result of this they have a core or nucleus. This is not living but a centre of the corn consisting of the same keratin that all callouses and corns are made of.

Some people may head to the pharmacy for a "corn cure". It is important to stress the damage that corn products which contain an acid can do! (Especially if the circulation to your feet is impaired or you have loss of protective sensation.) Many people do not know what their foot risk status is.

So how can you get rid of corns? It is important that the causative factors are identified and dealt with. In shoe pressures or a bony change on the bottom of the foot or toes can be the cause. Having our podiatrist remove the corn and look at preventative strategies will assist. This may be ongoing general treatment of the callous or corn or the use of deflective orthotics and toe wedges to alleviate.

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