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Don’t roll the dice with ankle injuries

Newcastle Podiatry - Friday, July 04, 2014

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an elite athlete in your chosen sport, if you play for long enough you find out soon enough that ankle injuries are common and happen easily.

The ankle is one of the most traumatised body sites during sport and is reported to account for 10-30% of all sports injuries. With 80% of ankle sprains happening in the “typical” fashion, it takes a keen assessment and attention to detail to decipher the intricacies of the less common types.

The correct assessment, imaging and treatment can most certainly be the difference between weeks on the sideline or months. One such injury that is easily missed is the high ankle sprain. I saw two of these at Merewether Carlton in the pre season of the NHRU this year.

The high ankle sprain or syndesmoses sprain are injuries that causes the two long bones in the ankle to be separated, injuring the ligaments that make them one unit. In some cases no amount of rehabilitation is sufficient for a full recovery to sport without surgical intervention. In other cases, stabilisation with orthotic therapy and strapping can see you back on the park in weeks. You need to be sure the right choices are made for you.

Persistent ankle pain can be symptomatic of a gamut of other possible diagnoses each with its own specific requirements for appropriate management. You need to be confident that you are managed for optimal results and your podiatrist is a key player in ensuring that this is the case.

Ouch! It’s likely to be a pain in the knee.

Newcastle Podiatry - Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The knee is reported to be the most commonly injured joint in the body. And particularly in sports, the most common cause of knee pain is injury to the Patella-femoral joint.

Let’s put a figure on that. 27% of all sporting injuries are to the knee while the ankle comes a close 2nd at around 21%. As a family practice, we at Newcastle Podiatry see knee injuries in patients of all ages.

Our aim is always to get them back to fitness as soon as possible. So accurate diagnosis as well as screening of the causative factors of your knee pain is vital if you want to recover in the quickest possible time.

Underlying injuries are often made worse through participation in activities such as jumping sports like basketball, hill running or even simply going up and down stairs.

However, we can help with a number of rehabilitation exercises, mobilizations, taping techniques and prescription functional foot orthotics.

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