Your footware

Newcastle Family and Sports Podiatry 06

Footwear assessment

We constantly upgrade our knowledge of appropriate footwear, including:

  • Babies to adults
  • Corporate and industrial footwear, for men and women
  • Sporting footwear

Sports shoes

Each type of sport, together with different foot types has individual requirements.. We have regular contact with the major shoe companies and keep up to date with technological changes. Often we have been involved with actual footwear testing and assessments of new shoe models. We also advise health style magazines on healthy and sporting footwear.

Working footwear

Through workplace assessment and our own extensive in-house testing of work boots we are able to offer advice about the best solution for you and your circumstances.

At-risk feet

Diabetic patients, amputees, stroke patients, and patients with vascular insufficiencies all require specific qualities and design in footwear. The podiatrists at this practice are in constant contact with speciality shoe outlets. If custom-made footwear is prescribed, we will refer you to the appropriate custom footwear maker.

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