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Common Conditions We Treat:
Plantar Fasciitis
This is heel pain caused by tension on the plantar fascia. It commonly presents as first step pain and pain around the heel.
Achilles Tendinopathy/Tendonitis
Excessive stress on the Achilles tendon above the heel can cause it to “break down”. We can manage these stresses.
Morton’s Neuroma
Toe pain or numbness caused by neuromas can be conservatively treated with orthotics. Stubborn neuromas may require injections or surgery.
Feet During Pregnancy
In preparing for birth your body’s tissues become flexible. Laxity causes foot collapse and often leg and foot pain.
Present as a ’bump’ over the joint below the big toe. They’re often painful however, intervention can prevent future surgery.
This eventually affects everyone, irrespective of activity. Prevention is possible to protect your foot, ankle, knee, hips and back.
Stress Fractures
Are commonly misdiagnosed presenting a heightened risk of actual fracture. Call our podiatrists urgently if you notice pain or swelling.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have heel spurs?

Not all cases of heel pain are caused by spurs, and treatment differs based on each patient’s specific circumstances. It’s best to be assessed by a professional to get a reliable diagnosis and avoid further pain and/or injury. 

What causes arch pain?

Fallen arches or flat feet are typically associated with arch pain, however high arches are at risk too. There are many factors that may contribute to pain, so seek professional advice before taking measures to manage the pain yourself.

What are the signs of a stress fracture?

Pain, swelling and point tenderness (in the absence of trauma) are all reasons to seek professional assessment and treatment for a stress fracture.   

Do I need a referral?

No. Seeing our podiatrists does not require a specific referral. However, on occasion you may be referred under a Chronic Disease Management plan (EPC) which you will need to provide at the time of consultation. Referral from your doctor or specialist is also needed to allow us to fully understand your needs. It is important to understand that your EPC will not cover all of your consultation costs.

How do I pay for my consultation?

Payment is required at the completion of your consultation. We provide both hicaps for your private health fund needs, and we have eftpos facilities to enable this.

I have NDIS funding, can I still make an appointment?

Yes, we have many NDIS patients of various ages and complaints. It is important to understand that we cannot see you without you firstly providing both your current NDIS plan and undertaking a service agreement.

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