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Common Conditions We Treat:
Custom Made Prescription Orthotics
The utmost precision is required when prescribing custom made orthotics. We ensure our orthotics specifically target your problem and gait mechanics.
Functional Orthotics
Designed to control function these are made from firmer but flexible materials accommodating a wide range of pathologies.
Accommodative Orthotics
Soft orthotics also modify movement however they are best suited to redistributing pressure for both comfort and pain relief.
Ankle Foot Orthotics
Designed to assist the foot clearing the ground after loss of muscle function from neuroomuscular conditions or trauma.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Are all orthotics the same?

Definitely not.  Off the shelf or many scanned orthotics are made as a “one size fits all” product and not to your foot.  Commonly prescribed by physiotherapists, chiropractors and poorly skilled podiatrists, these types of orthotics don’t address the support and control you need.  Prescription functional foot orthotics are made to your foot for your needs and can only be prescribed by specialist podiatrists

Do orthotics hurt to wear?

Not if manufactured and prescribed appropriately. Patients are often interested to learn that we do not try to aggressively push a foot into corrected positions. We actually use the existing profile of the foot as a means to correct the foot into a more appropriate position.

Should I try orthotics if they haven’t worked in the past?

Yes, in the right conditions. Unfortunately we do see some poorly thought out orthotic prescriptions by practitioners in other disciplines, including under qualified podiatrists, chiropractors and physiotherapists. This leads to disgruntled consumers unwilling to try orthotics who actually would benefit with the correct orthotic under their feet. 

How often should I have an orthotic review?

You should have one every three months. Orthotics can wear over time, just like our shoes, and therefore it’s important to keep to the scheduled review your podiatrist has recommended. This ensures your customised orthotics are functioning and maintained to the best of their ability for you.  

Do I need a referral?

No. Seeing our podiatrists does not require a specific referral. However, on occasion you may be referred under a Chronic Disease Management plan (EPC) which you will need to provide at the time of consultation. Referral from your doctor or specialist is also needed to allow us to fully understand your needs. It is important to understand that your EPC will not cover all of your consultation costs.

How do I pay for my consultation?

Payment is required at the completion of your consultation. We provide both hicaps for your private health fund needs, and we have eftpos facilities to enable this.

I have NDIS funding, can I still make an appointment?

Yes, we have many NDIS patients of various ages and complaints, however you will need to pay for all treatments at the time of consultation and then claim back through NDIS or your plan manager as we are no longer a registered NDIS provider.

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