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Common Conditions We Treat:
Partial Nail Avulsion
This is our most commonly used procedure. The problematic part of the nail is removed with minimal pain and discomfort.
Total Nail Avulsion
In rare cases, the entire nail portion requires removal. Our podiatrists are skilled in determining whether this should be permanent or not.
The Aesthetic
Appearance is important and our goal is to always solve the problem and leave the nail looking as normal as possible
Podiatry and Surgery
We perform multiple nail surgeries per week, continually expanding our understanding of outcomes, best practice and most effective post-procedural care.
Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do I need to wait to wear shoes after nail surgery?

In most cases patients return to normal footwear and attending school or work two days after surgery.

How long will nail surgery take to heal?

Healing times vary. However, most people have essentially healed the wound by two to three weeks following surgery.

Do I need a referral?

No. Seeing our podiatrists does not require a specific referral. However, on occasion you may be referred under a Chronic Disease Management plan (EPC) which you will need to provide at the time of consultation. Referral from your doctor or specialist is also needed to allow us to fully understand your needs. It is important to understand that your EPC will not cover all of your consultation costs.

How do I pay for my consultation?

Payment is required at the completion of your consultation. We provide both hicaps for your private health fund needs, and we have eftpos facilities to enable this.

I have NDIS funding, can I still make an appointment?

Yes, we have many NDIS patients of various ages and complaints, however you will need to pay for all treatments at the time of consultation and then claim back through NDIS or your plan manager as we are no longer a registered NDIS provider.

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